FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android | What is your best shot?

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New soccer players want to take a good start at the game. They seek the best game to provide a great visual and gaming experience. You must want to know which device offers an excellent gaming experience and supports new heavy features.

Here, we have gathered information on the features of FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android. We will tell you what is your best shot.

About Game

FIFA Soccer was first announced on Android, iOS and Windows by EA Sports on October 16, 2016. A year later, EA ended support for Windows.

Since then, the game has been available on Android and iOS. New versions have been released every year, and updates are given daily.


FIFA is a simulation video game with various modes like Campaign mode, Training Mode and Multiplayer Mode. It allows you to make teams that can compete in campaigns and events in any chosen stadium.

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android

FIFA Mobile Mod APK for Android

Android does not have any peculiar requirements regarding the device. It only requires some rudimentary storage space requisite to download the game. It can operate effectively if only these trifle demands are met.

You can find every detail of the app requirement through FIFA Mobile Mod APK for Android.

You can download the paid version of FIFA Soccer from the Google Store. But if you want to download and enjoy FIFA for Free. We will guide you thoroughly.

How to download the Mod version

You can do it by simply following the guidelines:

  • Download the Mod version
  •  Then select the required apk file
  •  Tap Yes
  •  Open File Explorer
  •   Search for the file that you want to download
  •   From Menu, click on Install
  •   Click Done

FIFA Mobile Mod APK for iOS

iOS has the latest updates of games. You can get the best gaming experience on any iOS device. The game has some particular requirements for each device under which it can operate functionally.

You can find out every detail of the requirement by clicking here.

You can download FIFA Soccer from the official App Store. This is the premium version of FIFA Mobile, but if you want to download and enjoy FIFA for Free. We will guide you through it.

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android

How To Download Mod Version

An iOS user can download this game in a few steps:

  • Download the Mod version of the game
  •  Please wait a few seconds till it downloads.
  •  Open File Manager
  •  Then open the Downloads folder
  •  Search for the downloaded file
  •  If an error occurs, allow all permissions to remove any barrier to installing the game
  •  After completing the installation, you can use the game with all premium features unlocked

Features of Mod APK

Unlimited Coins & gems

In the mod version, you get endless coins with which you can do unlimited shopping. You get these coins for FREE. You no longer need to purchase any deal to buy a small amount of coins.


In the game, wins gets you rewards. That’s why you get rewards in the Mod Apk version, too, on top of free coins.

Approach to all Features

The mod version is free and gives access to all the game’s features, likewise buying players, upgrading their abilities and buying different gear.


Fifa Mobile Mod Apk is free of cost and has various benefits. Downloading Mod APK sounds like a great deal. Isn’t it?

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android


  • FIFA does not have variable app requirements for different Android devices.
  •  Android does not support 60 FPS.
  •  The screen might get stuck, resulting in a bad user experience.
  •  Android settings are easy to understand.
  •  Android provides excellent controls on big screens. It might give less control over small screens.
  • Detailed controls do compromise small screens.


  •  FIFA has various app requirements on each iOS device the game. 
  •  iOS supports a high frame rate of 60 FPS.
  •  The screen might get stuck but could be settled by changing FPS.
  •  iOS controls are challenging to get a hold of.
  • iOS certainly provides more controls. It might offer fewer controls over small screens.
  •  Detailed controls are easy to manage on small screens.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you will go through some comparisons that will help you decide what to choose. Which operating system of the two is to go with for playing FIFA?

This blog describes the features of FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS VS Android. It also points towards the app requirements of the game on both OS.

You can pinpoint the operating system’s flaws(if any). After that, you will have your answer on what is best.


IOS devices support the latest frame rate.

You need to change the default setting in the game from 30 to 60 FPS.


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