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Fifa Mobile Mod apk For iOS Latest v20.0.03 Unlimited Gems Free Download

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Nowadays, most soccer players own devices with iOS. Hence, this game has gained popularity on iOS devices. Overall, playing FIFA on iOS has more pros than playing on any other. That’s why, Many soccer players want to download FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS but they need help, as they can’t find it on the play store. If you are also going through the same problem, you are in the right place. Read further to find a solution.

Undoubtedly, FIFA Mobile is fun on iOS. But consider going through games on other operating systems. So you can well-describe user experience from different perspectives, get started with FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for Android. Ultimately, You can review the gaming experience.

Fifa Mobile Mod apk For iOS

The developers and publishers of Fifa Mobile (Electronic Arts) first released this game on October 11, 2016, for a total of three operating systems: Android, Microsoft Windows and iOS.

Fifa Mobile Apk can be downloaded on devices with these operating systems with a slightly different method.

About FIFA Mobile Mod Apk

It was developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports. EA released this game in 2016 for operating systems like Android, iOS, and MS Windows, but later windows were excluded in 2017.

They ended support for Windows. If you are looking forward to play FIFA on PC. Consider reading FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for PC.

Fifa Mobile Mod apk for iOS

This simulation game on iOS has the latest features. It is a depiction of a real-life soccer game. In this game, there are multiple modes. Each has some system requirements. If not fulfilled, the game will not work properly. This will give a bad user experience. To avoid these troubles, you must read the system requirements for each mode on each device.

How To Download

The method of downloading Fifa Mobile on iOS is the same as downloading it on Android. On Android, you can find the app on the Google Store, but on iOS, you can download it from the app store.

In case you are manually installing Fifa Mobile on iOS:

  • Firstly, you need to open App Store
  • Then search for the desired game
  • And last but not least, you need to click on the download
  • Once it is done, you can now enjoy the free simulation game with some free features available

Magical Siri Commands

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Minimum System requirements:

iOS has variations in system requirements. These requirements vary from time to time and follow the device used to play.

Downloading Requirements:

iPhone6 or later is recommended
iPod touch6th generation or later is recommended
iPad mini4 or later recommended
iPad Air2 or later recommended

These are the minimum requirements if you are about to download fifa mobile mod apk on any of these devices. But if you want the game to work more efficiently, you should use a higher version of the device as it will have advanced features.

How To Download Mod Version

An iOS user can download this game in a few steps:

  • Just click on the download button given above to download the mod version of the game
  • It will take some time to download the game on your iOS device
  • Open File Manager
  • Then open the Downloads folder
  • Search for the downloaded file
  • If an error occurs, allow all permissions to remove any barrier to installing the game
  • After completing the installation, you can use the game with all premium features unlocked
Fifa Mobile Mod apk for iOS

Fifa Mobile Mod Apk for iOS Pros & Cons


  • Video game quality is great.
  • iOS supports 60 FPS(frames per second).
  • FIFA game always has its latest version available on iOS devices.
  • Detailed controls comprise the screen all the time.


  • Player can not control official teams even though you compete with them. 
  • Sometimes screen get stuck, might be because your iOS device does not fulfil the requirements.
  • Using small screens is a total failure, too much controls to control.


Fifa mobile has been available on iOS since 2016, and the gameplay has been updated over the years. Its gameplay is better than Android. iOS has the most advanced features with high speed. The latest versions of iOS devices support over 60 FPS(Frames Per Second). This gives a better quality experience to the player. The screen never lags due to such a quick frame rate.

H2H Mode:

The gameplay offers various modes, one of which is head-to-head. This mode has some special system requirements. If requirements are not met, you won’t be able to play H2H at all, or even if you get to play it, the resulting experience will be bad for both parties.


So the device requirements are jotted down:

iPhone7 and later recommended
iPod Touch7th generation and later recommended
iPad2017 and later
iPad Air2 and later
iPad Pro2016 and later
iPad Mini5 and later

60 FPS requirements:

FPS is the frequency at which images are displayed in games and videos. 60 frames per second give the best quality rate of videos. But this frame rate requires high storage. So, in order to configure the best ’60 FPS’ settings you should have iOS devices possessing at least following versions.

iPhone8 and later recommended
iPod Touch7th generation and later recommended
iPad2018 and later
iPad Air2019 and later
iPad Pro2017 and later
iPad Mini5 and later


For players shifting to iOS devices, they wonder where to download FIFA games on iOS. Well, no worries. We have explained in this article where you can find the game. Be it in its premium version or for free.

If you want to enjoy FIFA for free on an iOS device. Then you must download FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS through the link above.

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk can be played on any device. The only thing that differs in all of them is user experience. And FIFA is a simulation game you can only enjoy with great controls. Any lagging can cause you to lose your score, chemistry, and coins.

That’s why players prefer playing it on iOS. It provides users with the best gaming experience. Hence, resulting in massive amounts of downloads on the App Store.


A. FIFA mobile can be played on iOS after downloading through the App Store. FIFA Mobile has been available on iOS since its release date, October 11, 2016. FIFA has latest updates on iOS devices.

A. Yes, you can download it for free on iOS devices with some basic features. But most of the features are paid for.

A. You can unlock all the game features only if you buy a premium version or download a modded version. Latter is preferred, as it is free of cost. Hurray!

You can get players by opening packs in store, and you can also buy players with unlimited coins that come in the mod version.


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