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60 FPS Config on FIFA Mobile Mod APK | Device Specs for iOS & Android | With Pictures

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Simulation games give the best experience when visuals are clear as day. Only then does virtuality give more reality vibes. Less lagging and awareness of every movement provide the player with more chances of winning.

That’s why fans favor the operating system that supports a high frame rate per second(FPS). The latest is 60 FPS. They are searching for how to achieve that frame rate or anywhere near it in FIFA Mobile APK on their devices, whether it be iOS or Android. Here, this article gives a detailed guide to configure 60 FPS on FIFA Mobile APK.

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk is a loveable soccer game. It is a simulation video game played on various devices using the three known operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows. Each operating system has its unique characteristics. Each is trying its best to provide users with the best gaming experience.

Go through the extensive guide and enhance the graphics mod in FIFA Soccer in any OS.

60 FPS Config on FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for iOS

An update is that the next season of FIFA will support 60 FPS graphics mod. Here we will explain every device’s specs that will support the highest known frame rate. And also tell you how to configure the best FPS settings for iOS! The specs may change from time to time. We will keep you posted, as you are our priority.

Allow me to summarize the key point for configuring the highest FPS: One approach involves acquiring a device equipped with a robust GPU and CPU, enabling the game to operate at its maximum settings and deliver top-tier graphics quality.

60 FPS Config FIFA Mobile Mod Apk

System Requirements for Best iOS FPS Configuration

iPhoneiPhone 8 at least
iPod Touch7th generation minimum, later is recommended
iPad2018 at least, later is recommended
iPad Air2019 at least, later is recommended
iPad Pro2017 at least, later is recommended
iPad Mini5 at least, later is recommended

These are the minimum specs for configuration of FIFA Mobile Mod for iOS but later are recommended—the latest supports the device. However, achieving a whole of 60 FPS is impossible as FIFA cuts fps by half for monitor refreshing.

60 FPS Config on FIFA Mobile Mod Apk for Android

Android also supports 60 fps, and some of the devices’ specs are given here. Only the latest devices are recommended. Specs may vary timely.

A professional tip for enhancing the graphics quality of FIFA Mobile Mod Apk on your Android device is to utilize a GFX tool. This GFX tool is a third-party application capable of overriding the game’s default graphics settings, enabling you to elevate them beyond the game’s usual limitations.

Recommended System Requirements for All Brands

Samsung GalaxyS9/S9+/S10/S10+/S10e/S20/S20+/S20FE/S20Ultra/S21/S21+/S21FE/S21Ultra, Note 9/10/10+/20, Tab S3/S4/S5e/S6
GooglePixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL / Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL / Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL / Pixel 5 / Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro
AsusZenfone 3/Zenfone 5/Zenfone 6/ROG Phone/ROG Phone II
Nokia8/8.1/9 Pureview
OnePlus5/5T/6/6T/7/7 Pro/8/8T/8 Pro/9/9 Pro
RazerPhone/Phone 2
Xiaomi6/6 Plus/8/8 Explorer/8SE/Mi Mix 2/Mi Mix 2S/Mi Mix 3/Mi Note 2/Note 7/K20/K20 Pro/Black Shark/Black Shark 2
HTCU11/ U11+/U12+/U19e/U20
Lenovo (Motorola)Z2 Force
Sony XperiaXZ Premium/XZ1/XZ2/XZ3/Z4/Z5/Z5 Premium

Optimal PC Requirements for EA FC 24 60 FPS

Windows(PC) VersionMicrosoft Windows 7 or above
Ram At least 4GB
Free Disk SpaceAt least 4-6GB
Processor/CPUIntel core i7-4770k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600x
GPUNVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX Viga 56

If your PC has better specs than aforementioned then you can get better FPS by tweaking game graphics settings. Like you can set NVIDIA’s adaptive vertical sync to ultra. And also low latency to ultra. This can do the drill for FPS in PC.

Reducing a few graphic settings such as resolution, texture, quality and anti-aliasing can produce significant increase in FPS.

What causes lag in FIFA Mobile even after meeting the system requirements?

Even though you are using any of the devices given above, your game is still lagging. What could be the reason? Are you going through the same issue? Nothing to worry about. It means your device’s default setting has adjusted some lower frame rates.

Other Ways to Achieve Best FPS settings in EA FC 24?

There are two ways to optimize the screen play of EA FC 24 soccer game. One is by adjusting the graphic settings within game. Other way is by installing third party app to enhance the FPS.

We will tell you the both ways to increase FPS through step by step guide with the help of pictures.

How to adjust 60 FPS within game? Step by Step

The older versions of FIFA mobile don’t had built in high frame rates settings. In that scenario using third party app is the optimal thing to do. But now in the latest FC version of 2024, they have incorporated the standard(30 FPS) and high(60 FPS) frame rate settings within the game.

If your device is still not compatible for Higher FPS it can show following notification.

Device Not Compatible for 60 FPS

In case your device is not compatible, clicking on ‘High’ frame rate setting will show this notification “Currently not supported by display quality or device“.

If you’re facing this issue follow below steps to configure 60 FPS settings on mobile.

Step 1: Settings Option

Open the settings in the game by clicking on the gear button in top right corner of game.

adjust 60 FPS within game step 1

Step 2: Graphics Settings

Now navigate the graphics settings to adjust frame rate settings.

adjust 60 FPS within game step 3

Step 3: Frame Rate Adjustment

Adjust the frame rate to ‘High’ instead of ‘Standard’ to enjoy 60 FPS gameplay.

Note: Adjusting to ‘Higher’ frame rate in game can give you notification of heating and more power consumption. Don’t get worried by this. Turn this on to have seemless experience.

adjust 60 FPS within game step 2

How to Adjust 60 FPS with help of 3rd party app?

Step 1

Download and Install third party apps like “Game Booster” or “Game Mode” to configure best FPS settings.

Step 2: Add Game

Click on the + icon to add FC. Select FC 24 from the list of apps to select as illustrated in picture.

adjust 60 fps in ea fc 24 with game booster

Step 3: Boost Game

After selecting the FC soccer, tap on the game to boost it.

adjust 60 fps in ea fc 24 with game booster 2

It will optimize device from every perspective(i.e: clearing background cache, Boosting FC to maximize performance, AI analysis for best configurations etc).

And there you are you have configured the best settings for your FC 24 soccer.

Hurray! 60 FPS Settings Configured

So, now we have successfully configured best graphics settings for EA FC Mobile 24. You’ve known the possible ways to optimize graphics settings. Enjoy the best gaming experience.

If ‘Game Booster’ app doesn’t work try using ‘Game Mode’. The illustration of Game Mode app is explained in this video to configure best graphic settings in game.

Pros of 60 FPS

Using a device that supports 60 FPS yields many benefits for the user and the competitor while gaming. There is no lagging. You are more likely to score a goal. This lands you in a win-win situation.

Pros of Using 60 FPS Games on Mobile:

Smoother GameplayProvides a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.
Reduced Motion BlurReduces motion blur, making fast-paced games easier to follow.
Improved PrecisionEnhances aiming accuracy in shooting games.
Realistic GraphicsDelivers more realistic and immersive graphics.
Competitive AdvantageGives a competitive edge in multiplayer games.
Better Overall QualityImproves overall gaming quality and enjoyment.
Enhanced ImmersionIncreases immersion and engagement in gaming worlds.

Less lagging

In a simulation game, the quality of a video game is all that matters. It is of the essence when you are playing in real time. A minor glitch of a fraction of a second will disrupt your game. You can’t jeopardize your goal when you have your solution. Make some settings on your device, and adjust the frame rate to 60 FPS. You will get a quality experience with no delay at all on screen.

Clear view

Your screen won’t get stuck with 60 FPS. It will make your gaming hours easy and worthwhile.

Improved performance

Competing with other players in a real-time high frame rate will give a great experience to both. None will be stuck with a stuck screen. It will save time. Even if you get cheap players in your team, improved FPS can enhance your gameplay efficiency.


The inputs and outputs are crystal clear. Any command given is quick and efficient. The device responds better with a high frame rate.

60 FPS Config FIFA Mobile Mod Apk

Better Controls

A high frame rate equips players with better control over game features. The result is an improved gaming experience.


Cons of Using 60 FPS Games on Mobile:

1. Increased Battery Drain.
2. May Require More Powerful Hardware.


You can configure best FPS on iOS and Android devices but you cannot make any changes in graphics regarding Laptops(Windows) provided you can only adjust graphics settings within the game.

Final thoughts

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk has an enormous fanbase because FIFA Mobile provides its users with an excellent gaming experience. The only thing that matters in a video game is video quality, graphics, smoothness of every kick etc.

And that is improving over the years. Updates of FIFA are available on every device. Only some of the Android and iOS devices support a high frame rate. Laptops are not that good in providing as much higher frame rates. The devices that do fulfil the requirements are mentioned above in this article.

Achieving near 60 FPS is accessible. You need an up-to-date device. If still video quality is poor, you need to change the default settings of the game described briefly above in this article in the video.


Even though you have a device supporting 60 FPS, it will be split into half and 30 FPS will be used as monitor refresh rate. You can fix it with v-sync, but laptops have no such option. On laptops just good hardware and in-game graphic settings can do the drill.

Reaching such high rate is nearly impossible, The frame rate will be better on supported devices but always less than 60. 60 frame rates per second is ideal scenario, provided device is high-end and there is a super fast internet connection along with best game settings.

The third party apps like “Game Mode” or “Game Booster” over ride the basic game settings and their global settings start implementing. In Global settings we will select highest frame rates per second thus enhancing the FC soccer FPS up to 60 frames.

Some popular third party apps to configure best high quality settings for gameplay are Game Booster and Game Mode.

If FPS setting changes don’t affect game performance, try these adjustment tips to your android device.

  1. Close all the other apps before starting the game.
  2. Disable any battery saver feature in mobile.
  3. Use a very stable internet connection. Low internet connection impacts FIFA 24 gameplay experience severly.


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