When is EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

When is EA Sports FC 24 Release Date & Early Access Date? (Release Date for Standard & Ultimate Editions exposed)

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EA Sports FC 24 Beta is a tester for the upcoming FC 24, which is quite an intriguing matter for FIFA Soccer players. It is a revolution in FIFA Soccer gaming. FC 24 is improved and will cover all the lags.

That’s why FIFA fans have been holding their breaths and wondering whether FC 24 Release Date is near. It is nothing unusual but a fascinating question for the FIFA Soccer community.

When a game is about to be released, fans want to know if they can enjoy the new version before its release. Every gamer wants to take a peek at the Ultimate Edition.

Impatiently players have been trying to dig in when they can get early access along with the rewards. And how can they get free rewards in FIFA.

Will there be a Closed Beta period? Well, here we provide you with every piece of information requisite for you to know. Mark the dates!

FC 24 Release Date (Standard Edition)

FC 24 is anticipated to be available by the end of September. Spilling the Beans: The FC 24 release date is September 29, 2023 (The release date for the Standard Edition).

This release date of FC 24 has been perceived as a rumor during EA live stream on July 13. But it is now truly the release date for the Standard Edition.

EA Sports FC 24 Closed Beta will be released by the start of August. Only a limited number of players will be invited to Closed Beta. If you have missed the opportunity to participate in Closed Beta, then you must be searching if it is possible to Access Closed Beta & Codes.

The link above will lead you to an article that will provide information about the probabilities for a gamer to access Beta.

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

FC 24 Early Access Date (Ultimate Edition)

Now time for the long-awaited question: when will be the release date for Ultimate Edition? Here is your answer, folks. EA Sports is giving its chosen users early access to the FC 24 a week before its release.

It is said that the early access date for FC 24 is September 22, 2023. Not everyone will be able to access the Ultimate Edition.

NOTE: You must know that EA has announced that if you pre-order for Ultimate Edition by 22nd August you will get certain bonus.

EA FC 24’s Availability on Devices

EA FC 24 is available on these platforms:

EA FC 24 Prices on Platforms

The prices of FC 24 for both Standard and Ultimate Edition are given below:

PlatformStandard EditionUltimate Edition
PS4$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
PS5$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Xbox One$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Xbox Series X/S$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
PC$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Prices for Standard & Ultimate Editions on Platforms

You can pre-order the editions from the official website of EA Sports FC 24. From there, you can choose any platform and buy any wanted edition.


This article describe FIFA users when will both the editions (Standard & Ultimate Editions) be released. And also all the platforms where you can play FC 24.

You must be wondering what edition favors you the most. Well, every pre-order has bonuses, especially regarding Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Team bonuses will be great. Be ready for them.

To make your decision easy on whether you should buy the Ultimate or Standard edition, know this fantastic feature of Ultimate Edition. If you pre-order this edition, You will receive an untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero in Ultimate Team on November 27th.


Firstly on July 13, in an EA live stream, a rumor arose that FC 24 release date would be by the end of September. It is now confirmed that the Standard Edition will be released on September 29, 2023

Players will be able to enjoy the exclusive Ultimate Edition a week prior to the release date on September 22, 2023.

FC 24 is available on the platforms like PS4, PS5, XBOX One, and XBOX Series and PC (Windows, Steam, and Epic games store), Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch platforms.


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