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What is HyperMotion 2 Technology in FIFA 23?

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FIFA Soccer is a realistic video game that is becoming more realistic with its every new version. It is a fun experience for every gamer. That’s why you should also Download FIFA Mobile APK on your device right now.

In FIFA 23, players will experience HyperMotion 2 Technology and machine learning technology on next-gen consoles. The developers can integrate over 6,000 new animations, which were recorded during two matches and multiple practice drills.

As a result, all game mechanics—including shooting, passing, running, and dribbling—are more natural and lifelike.

HyperMotion 2 Technology Features

HyperMotion 2 Technology offers excellent and ultra-realistic gameplay on several latest devices:

  • PlayStation 5
  •  Xbox Series X/S
  •  PC
  •  Stadia

FIFA Soccer has worked for improved gameplay features to provide its users with a true-to-life gameplay experience. Some of these are given below:

HyperMotion 2 Technology in FIFA 23

Advanced 11V11 Match Capture

Xsens suits allow for the collection of millions of data points from real, high-intensity 11v11 matches played by professional football players. Advanced 11v11 Match Capture statistics from two new full matches are included in FIFA 23. Motion capture shootings involving professional teams, including a motion capture first for FIFA data from five practice drills and data from a women’s match, enabling high-allegiance. Ever before, in an EA SPORTS FIFA game, the animations were more realistic.

Machine Learning

With the help of improvements to our state-of-the-art, exclusive machine learning strategy, FIFA 23 features more realistic soccer play. Thanks to its ability to learn from a total of 9.2 million frames of advanced match capture and write new animations in real-time.

As a result, FIFA 23 is even more similar to the professional men’s and women’s games played in stadiums across the globe. This is because HyperMotion2 gameplay technology unleashes new elements that provide unmatched animation quality on and off the ball.

Full Team Authentic Motion

Thanks to the HyperMotion-enabled animations, when data is directly collected from the pitch of various 11 v 11 soccer matches of both men and women and is combined, a total of 6000 HyperMotion-enabled animations are formed. This has improved the overall gameplay experience. That’s why in FIFA 23, players can now move and play more actively and responsively than ever.

Powering The Women’s Game

To power the women’s game in FIFA 23, dedicated Advanced 11v11 Match Capture of a high-intensity women’s match combines with machine learning technology to create realistic animation inspired by the movement of real-life women’s players.

Technical Dribbling

Attackers may now more intelligently plan their path to the ball thanks to a new dribbling mechanism. Machine learning is used to inform the animation transitions between each dribble touch, providing next-generation aesthetics and variation with the ball in your hands.

Ultra-responsive dribbling allows you to perform the best move in the world with greater agility than ever before, whether you’re taking on a defender for speed or keeping the ball close to turn away from an opponent.

What is HyperMotion 2 Technology


The jockeying system in FIFA 23 has been rewritten using machine learning technology, which learns from real-world defensive scenarios and movement captured through Advanced 11v11 Match Capture data. This results in more realistic animations when defenders square off against approaching attackers.


In FIFA 23, new acceleration mechanisms give players’ ascent to top speed a new dimension of individuality. To add more variation to player mobility and gameplay in FIFA 23, players will now attain their top speed at varied rates, from quick acceleration off the mark to slower, more deliberate shifts in speed.

Composed Ball Striking

The transition between manipulating the ball and shooting is now more seamless, thanks to new animations driven by HyperMotion2. Longer, higher-quality animation combines accuracy and smoothness to produce a single, continuous motion as players trap the ball, rotate it, and strike it in the direction of the target.

Kinetic Goalkeeper VS Header Battles

As goalkeepers rise to meet crosses against opposing attacking players, an advancement in two-player interaction technology synchronizes player movements, leading to cleaner results as keepers claim aerial balls.

Final Thoughts

EA Sports HyperMotion 2 Technology has increased the craze of games for users manifold. The game mimics the reality of the Football world.

In this article, you will learn about the features of FIFA 23, which make the game more lively. This is possible due to HyperMotion 2 Technology.


HyperMotion 2 Technology offers excellent and ultra-realistic gameplay on several next-gen devices like PC, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and  Xbox Series.

If you do not compare HyperMotion quality game with usual FIFA game, the results are not disappointing. You can still enjoy the game quality with a trivial difference. So, no worries!

Accelerate system has changed the gameplay experience. But you can on only experience the HyperMtion Technology on PS5.


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