Is FIFA Mobile Premium Apk Worth It

Is FIFA Mobile Premium Apk Worth It? Premium VS Mod Latest v20.0.03

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Almost every FIFA Soccer lover is psyched to control every game feature. There are two ways to do that. Either, You can buy a premium version, or you can download a Mod version.

But here comes the query where gamers ask themselves is FIFA Mobile Premium Apk worth it? For your ease, we have gathered some information to tell you which one is preferred from both.

Fifa Mobile Apk

Fifa mobile Apk is one of the best soccer games available on devices. Fifa mobile is a product of Electronic Arts(EA). It was released on devices on October 16. 2016 and is updated every year. Game is still evolving and is always getting in its best form to provide people with an excellent gaming experience.

Its first launch declared that it works on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, But a year later, Windows was excluded.


Fifa is a free football simulation video game. You can download it for free from Google or the App Store. There are four major modes in this game:

  • Head-to-head
  • VS Attack
  • Leagues
  • Events
Is FIFA Mobile Premium Apk Worth It

Each of these modes is available online. In this game, you can create your team. Selecting a stadium is also your call. You can choose players from all over the world. Some of them are available for free, and some are costly. Some of the players, some coins, and specific upgrades are available in a premium version of the game for free. But on the other version you can get everything for free.

Premium Version

Although the game is free and some players are free, most have extraordinary abilities and distinct characteristics that come with a cost. You must buy a premium version of the app, which might cost you a lot. In this version, you can access players, some updates, and limited coins. But shortly afterward, you will run out of cash.

So again, you would have to spend some money for coins to update your game features occasionally. It may not seem a big deal for some. But most soccer lovers would look for an opportunity to get free coins. If this is your query, then we have your answer.

Mod Apk Version

Mod apk version of the game provides you access to all game features. You can upgrade the qualities of a player you already have. The characteristics alter from player to player. This version gives you unlimited access, you can get lots of coins, and you can do endless shopping. You can buy new players that are famous worldwide.

And all these features are free of cost in the modded version. It sounds like a great deal. Doesn’t it?

Features of Mod Apk Version

All the remarkable features that you can get are described below:


Fifa mobile mod apk is free of cost. This is the first and foremost benefit any football lover would look at. The modded version is unpaid. Believe me, and you do not need to pay any cost to download it.

And downloading it is the easiest part. All this costs nothing but a single click.

Infinite coins & gems:

Fifa mobile mod apk gives you unlimited coins and other valuable things like gems etc. In the modded version, unlimited coins stand by your side whenever needed.

Is Fifa Mobile Premium Apk Worth It

Buying expensive soccer players:

In the modded version, massive amounts of coins are in your reach. You can spend them buying new soccer players only available in the premium version.

Upgrading Abilities:

All players have distinct characteristics in the game. They can be upgraded in this version just as in the premium version. All this helps you up ranking in the game. You can improve your position and chemistry in the game.

Accessibility to all features:

Using this mod apk version, you can do unlimited shipping. Buy new players, upgrade their abilities, and much more. You can have all that access as in the premium version, but the only difference is you do not have to pay. The mod version gives you an accessibility card.

Is FIFA mobile premium apk worth it?

Fifa mobile lovers have a query about whether or not they should buy the premium version of the game.

Another query that bothers them is whether they could use all the features in the premium version for free.

Well, the answer to both your queries is given after comparing the premium and modded versions’ features.

Premium is the paid version, while the modded version is free, providing you access to gamely features. Both have the same features, and you can buy and update players and their characteristics.

In premium, you will get access to coins only after you buy some offers, and the coins purchased will be limited.

Here is the good part, if you download fifa mobile mod apk, you will get unlimited coins for free.

FIFA Mobile Premium Pros & Cons


  • Can buy new players.
  • Can upgrade players abilities
  • Accessibility to coins.
  • Premium version gives you star pass rewards, better than free ones.


  • Premium version is costly.
  • Cost increases furthermore with respect to location.
  • Coins bought are gone shortly.


All in all, almost every feature of the premium and modded versions is the same, except that coins are still limited in the premium version.

The only thing that makes a big difference is that the modded version is free.

That’s why most football lovers prefer the free version over the premium one.

For further details on why this is the preference, read the above article.


It can be played offline and online. Engaging with other players in real-time requires a stable connection.

You can get unlimited coins in FIFA for free by downloading the modded version.


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