How to Play FC Beta Limited on iOS

How to Play FC Beta Limited on iOS? Download Beta Via TestFlight in 4 Steps.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Ayla Naseer

EA Sports FC Mobile Limited Beta is only available on Android devices. That’s why iOS users are looking up how to play FC Beta Limited on iOS. Here is your solution with explained guidance.

Beta can be played on iOS using an app developed by Apple. It allows users to participate in any tester game or app. This app has lots of downloads and ratings. You can download TestFlight from App Store.

FIFA Mobile users are invited to participate in the Beta event via an invitation link. If you have received any, Congratulations! Now players can enjoy the latest gameplay features till 31st August.

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Requirements for Beta

What are the things you are going to need to play FC Beta Limited on iOS are given below

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later.
  •  TestFlight on the iOS or iPadOS device that you’ll use for testing.
  •  A valid Apple ID.
Play FC Beta Limited on iOS via TestFlight

Steps to Play FC Beta Limited on iOS

You will be able to play FC Beta Limited on iOS by following these four steps. These will take your few minutes.

Download TestFlight

Let’s look at the details on how to download and how you can set up TestFlight. Before we get started, you will need to go through the Device Requirements of FIFA for iOS.

  • Don’t have the app, go to App Store. You can download this app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • Search for the app “TestFlight” in the search bar.
  • Download and install the app.

Click on invitation

You must be lucky if you have received any invitation link from EA Sports. Only a few selected users get a chance to test Beta.

  • In this one step, you have to tap on the invitation link using your iPhones.

Join the Beta

  • The invitation link will bring you to the TestFlight app after you click it. (If Step 1 was skipped, TestFlight will be opened for installation)
  •  Tap “Start Testing” to join the Beta program.

Install the Beta

  • After enrolling in the program, you’ll get a list of available Beta apps in TestFlight. Locate the FC Mobile Beta app and tap on it.
  •  The Beta software will begin to download and install on your device through TestFlight.
  •  You can use the Beta app on your device just like any other software after the installation.
Play FC Beta Limited on iOS

Final Words

EAS has been actively introducing the latest versions of FIFA. A new fascinating version is on the way. For now, EA has started a beta program to test its new version.

And what’s great is that you can enjoy the Beta limited on Android and iOS. You can Download Beta Version on Android directly from Google Play Store. But how can you do that on iPhone? This article explains it.

But hurry because only a limited number of users are welcome to access Beta. Users will start accessing Beta on 11th August until the 1st of September 2023. Download Beta on iOS devices following the steps given in the article.


Few users can access Beta, and all spots get taken quickly. If you are tapping on the link and still can’t get access, the limit has likely been reached. In this case, you will see a message that Beta no longer accepts new testers.

The Beta access will start on 11th August and end on 1st September 2023.

You can participate in the Beta by downloading TestFlight. An Apple App that allows its users to test the Beta for various games and apps.


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