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FIFA Mobile Career Mode in FIFA 23: Manager VS Player Modes Uncovered

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FIFA Mobile is the most popular EA Sports video game, a realistic football game renowned for offering a wide variety of modes and roles to fit any player..

This game features several game modes but most known is FIFA Mobile career mode because it gives a sense of control over every action to be made, both in terms of gameplay and customization.

Playable Highlights is a brand-new gameplay structure that is exclusive to Career Mode. Let’s delve into how to play FIFA Mobile Career Mode and explore the various professions available within this gameplay mode.

Unfortunately you can’t play career mode on PC but it is anticipated that in EA FC 24 it will be possible.

FIFA Mobile Career Mode includes:

The most common careers are:

  • FIFA Mobile Manager Mode
  • FIFA Mobile Player Career
FIFA Mobile Career Mode

FIFA Mobile Manager Mode

In FIFA Mobile Manager Mode, players can act as a manager of team, build up a team and compete in various events.

What are Playable Highlights in Manager Career?

As a manager, you can either play all of the game’s highlights or only the offensive ones by letting the simulation determine the defensive results. Thus, if you like, you can solely focus on offensive side of the game in playtime.

Play as a Real Manager

In FIFA 23, players can choose to be a manager from real life 350+ managers, including 30 star heads managers in career mode.

You can choose to dress whichever you want to be one of the managers. You can either build and manage a brand-new squad that he will lead, or you can manage the manager’s current club.

Transfer Analyst

A new feature of Manager Mode, the Transfer Analyst will evaluate the monetary and team impact of your transfer business.

Objectives of Transfer Analyst

  • Transfer Analyst improves your negotiation skills by displaying how close you came to the selling club’s minimum acceptable amount. The closer you are, higher the rating. And if the player joins your club, you’ll know right away if you performed well.
  • For finest transactions, you’ll want to employ your scouts and gather as much information as you can about the athlete you’re after. When a player is thoroughly scouted in FIFA 23, you will be given detailed information on the asking price, leaving it up to you to best position yourself for the coming talks.
  • Transfer Analyst analyzes a player better then the average OVR of players of the team. And look for a player that can develop over time.
  • From superb to deals that don’t make much financial sense, the Transfer Analyst may grade the financial aspects of your transfers in five distinct ways, from A to F. As soon as a deal is completed, the ratings are displayed on the left side.
    Basis of Ratings are:
    1. For transfers, the foundation of ratings are Transfer Sum : Price asked for selling club.
    2. Your wage share arrangement with the lending club serves as the basis for assessing loans.
  • Transfer Analyst keeps in check that new player will be good for team.

Managing an analyst and getting the best out of him are on your skills.

Transfer Negotiation Tension

If negotiations cause tension to you just pass them on to the other parties because:

Make a counteroffer that is more likely to be acceptable than the other party to prevent uneasy departures.

FIFA Mobile Manager Mode

Improve Club

In FIFA 23, customization options available through Create Your Club in Manager Career have been expanded.

You now have the ability to customize your club’s third kit and goalkeepers’ kit. A next level customization will let you control characteristics and edit details of team like their name, weight, height, appearance and positions etc.

FIFA Mobile Player Career

In FIFA Player Career Mode, players can create and customize their own football players.

Playable Highlights in Player Career

As a player, you can either control a whole squad or just a player. If latter is your choice, the system will control the remaining highlights.

Playable Highlights also adjusts to both playing in the starting XI and player bench. The goals for each situation are modified accordingly to fit the bite-sized format.


Every player, whether they are on the field or off, has an own flair. Through a new feature called player personality, you can now command these characters’ actions.

Your personality will be determined by this feature depending on how you make decisions throughout a pitch. One of these three personality types will describe yours.


A Heartbeat is determined and way ahead of their opponent. They are considerate of others and never leave anyone behind. They focus and believe in teamwork.


Virtuosos are quick decision-makers, skillful and intelligent, and can change the outcome of matches. Their conflicts are internal, they are ambitious. These modest people focus their resources and power to effectively achieving their sporting goals.


Mavericks get fame for making intuitive decisions on and off the pitch. They have high aspirations and will act quickly to achieve them. A Maverick’s aura is an additional attribute but has nothing to do with their professional athletic lifestyle.

Player Personalities in Player Career Mode
How points predict these three personalities?

Personality points are gained through time and experience. Every point you earn describes your personality. While in an attacking position, passing to a teammate to earn an assist results in Heartbeat points, while shooting and scoring gets you Maverick and Virtuoso points.

For instance, you could earn a total of 25 Personality Points in a match if you made a successful pass (+5 Heartbeat Points) and scored a goal (+20 combined Maverick/Virtuoso Points).

Method of points distribution among personalities determines which attributes will improve. The distribution of Personality Points among Personalities determines which Attributes are boosted, and the Personality Tier determines how much of a rise there is. The increment depends on players position in the field.

What is Absolute Personality?

You will move up to an advantageous Absolute Level when you dedicate a significant portion of your points to a personality at the top of the tier. You will be marked as a football player.

Off-Pitch Activities

Player personality can be developed off pitch too. Each activity has a set of prerequisites that you must fulfill before you can participate in it. These activities can offer a variety of prizes and shape your Player Personality.

Your behavior will depict the outcome. There are three different types of Off-Pitch Activities:


The safest way to spend funds is shopping activities. Spending money is a different matter from earning it. Your way of investing matters. Keep yourself first but also do philanthropic endeavors outside pitch.

If you have funds opportunities will track you down. Groom your personality, your attributes, and your collection. Consider your budget carefully before selecting accessories.

And remember your actions will impact personality points. Some Instances:

  • Gain Maverick Points for purchasing a Luxury Watch
  • Earn Heartbeat Points by Making a School Donation
  • Hire a Personal Trainer to get Virtuoso Points, an additional strength, and a 25% training experience boost
  • Purchasing an Electric Vehicle will get you Virtuoso and Maverick Points


Keeping an account of your earnings is important. Player should make wise choices about funds, some investments are riskier. Players should always wait for right investment opportunities.

Risk Level instance

  • Low: Investments Activity : Phone Apk
  • Medium: Clothes Branding
  • High: Stock Market


Decisions are dependent on your actions both on & off the pitch. i.e: After earning an award, if an activity asks you for comment, this is the chance for you to get rewards like personality points.

Decision includes reacting to out of control scenarios. i.e: Your team won the semi-final of a tournament and you are asked to respond to this accomplishment. You have three options:

  • Get in the spotlight alone – earn Maverick Points.
  • Appreciate the team work – earn Heartbeat Points.
  • Stay determined and considerate – earn Virtuoso Points.

You may occasionally decide if you wish to take part in an Activity or not. An editor might, for instance, push you to write your own autobiography that chronicles your ups and downs.

Tips to be better in career mode

Do not overuse dribbling; attempt to use it only when you can gain an advantage. If not, you should rely mainly on leaking passes behind defenders to open up your choices for goal shots.

Dribbling a phony shot gives an opportunity to goal since the goalkeepers are typically AI.


Certainly, Career Mode operates in an offline mode, providing you with the flexibility to enjoy the game without the need for an internet connection.

While Career Mode operates in an offline mode, it’s important to note that if you’ve digitally acquired the game, you will require an internet connection for the initial game launch. However, once the game is launched, you can continue to play it offline without any connectivity requirements.

You can play FIFA Mobile 23 Career Mode by clicking on Modes > Play > New Career. From there, you can choose your player or manager career.

It is not possible to play FIFA Mobile Career Mode on PC, it is solely restricted to mobile devices. However, it’s important to note that FC 24 will be a game-changer, as it is expected to introduce this feature for PC players, allowing them to enjoy Career Mode on their desktops.


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