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EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order Bonus Rewards (For Both the Ultimate & Standard Edition)

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EA Sports offers two Editions to users that are about to be released by the end of September. If you still don’t know, when will it be released? Check out the Release date of the Ultimate and Standard Edition.

But what’s impressive is that they are taking pre-orders right now. We will give detailed information on EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order and pre-order bonuses.

But hurry so that you can take advantage of it, especially regarding the Ultimate Edition. EA has proposed a limited-time offer (a bonus of Ultimate Edition) that ends on August 22.

After that, you won’t be able to get that one bonus of the Ultimate Edition. And missing it will cause you a loss.

EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order Bonuses of the Ultimate & Standard Edition

Here, let me tell you that every edition comes with its features, benefits, and bonuses. Below are the EA Sports FC 24 pre-order Bonus rewards for both the Ultimate & Standard Edition.

EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order Bonus Rewards

Common Bonuses

Then let’s look at the common features of the Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition.

FeatureStandard EditionUltimate Edition
Base GameYesYes
Ultimate Team Cover Star Loan Player Item for 10 Ultimate Team MatchesYesYes
Two Ambassador Loan Player Pick Items for 5 Ultimate Team MatchesYesYes
One Club Unlocked Playstyles SlotYesYes
Additional Player Career Personality PointsYesYes
One Manager Career 5-Star Coach Available for HireYesYes
Common Bonuses

Additional Ultimate Edition Bonuses

But as mentioned, Ultimate Edition has much more benefits than Standard Edition. I suggest that you buy the Ultimate Edition. Let’s look at some of its bonuses not present in Standard Edition.

FeatureUltimate EditionStandard Edition
Upto 7 Days Early AccessYesNo
4600 FC PointsYesNo
Access to Nike Ultimate Team CampaignYesNo
TOTW 1 Ultimate Team Player ItemYesNo
Nike Ultimate Team Loan Player Item for 24 Ultimate Team matches and Nike x EA Sports Fc Ultimate Team KitYesNo
Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero (pre-order by August 22)YesNo
Additional Ultimate Edition Bonuses

Limited-time offer(1 Ultimate Edition Bonus)

One thing to note down is the last date to attain one bonus of Ultimate Edition is coming nearer and nearer. This bonus is an Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero (that will be available by November 27) & a limited-time offer. Order before time runs out.

If you pre-order FC 24 after August 22, you won’t get an Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero.

Prices for EA FC 24 (Both Editions)

PlatformStandard EditionUltimate Edition
PS4$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
PS5$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Xbox One$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Xbox Series X/S$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
PC$69.99 or £69.99$99.99 or £99.99
Prices for Standard & Ultimate Editions on Platforms

EA Sports FC 24 Pre-order on various Platforms

Hopefully, this article helps you decide which edition to buy.

Pre-Order Now from EA Site

Once you have made up your mind, check out the following pages of the official website of EA Sports. So that you can pre-order any edition on one of the following platforms’ stores:

ALTERNATE: If you prefer other routes (retailers) to buy any of the two editions, then check out these websites:

  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

10% Discount through EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order or Purchase

There is a fantastic deal that EA Sports has proposed. It says that if players pre-order the game through FIFA 23 menu, they can earn a 10% loyalty discount.


There is another way to get a 10% discount if they purchase EA FC 24 after it is available. This way, EA FC 24 players are eligible for a discount.

Does a 20% discount still count?

No, you can count on a discount of more than 10% this time. EA Sports have eliminated a 20% discount on EA FC 24. This option is unavailable now for EA FC 24.

In prior releases, customers got a 20% discount by combining the 10% discounts from EA Play and pre-ordering the new title from the previous iteration’s menu.

Players will no longer be able to combine both discounts; instead, they must select one to use toward their purchase, according to the developers.

Final Words

You can surely get bonus rewards if you pre-order EA Sports FC 24. You can not get these rewards until their release date, which is 22nd September for the ultimate edition and 29th September for the standard edition.

But we will also provide you with unlimited rewards for the current version, which is FIFA 23.


No, FC 24 Ultimate Edition is not a limited-time offer but a bonus from Ultimate Edition is. If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition by August 22, you will get an Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero.

Which will be available by November 27. But if your time exceeds the limit, you will miss this offer.

No, this time, you won’t get a 20% discount by combining 10% discounts through pre-ordering new titles from the previous iteration’s menu and purchase. One option must be selected to buy EA FC 24.

You can pre-order it from the website of EA or purchase it from any of these retailers: Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.


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